Looking for High-Quality Tobacco in Mesa, AZ?

We sell well-known brands like Swisher Sweets at our store

When it comes to tobacco, good quality can make all the difference. At Green Trail Smoke Shop in Mesa, AZ, we sell a variety of excellent pipe tobacco and other tobacco products. Our owner is a recreational smoker himself and always stays stocked with the newest and best products.

We'll help you find the right blend based on your flavor preferences. Don't forget to check out our assortment of tobacco pipes as well!

Call us at 480-791-7885 to learn more about the pipe tobacco we have for sale.

Pick up your favorite brand

Pick up your favorite brand

If you're a fan of pre-rolled tobacco products, our store has you covered. We sell several popular brands, including:

  • Swisher Sweets
  • Backwoods
  • Dutch Masters

We also sell cigarettes from brands like Newport, Marlboro and Time. Visit our store next time you need more Swisher Sweets, Newports or another pre-rolled cigar or cigarette.